S.H. MonsterArts Tamashii Godzilla 1994 Bandai Accessory Set

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This is the LIMITED EDITION Bandai Collectors Shop ACCESSORY SET to go along with the first in a NEW SERIES of Action Figures by Bandai 2011 called S.H. MonsterArts.

This set is getting HARDER to FIND and the prices here in Tokyo keep skyrocketing so GET IT NOW.  This is the  new standard figure series that incorporates the Bandai action figure art under the theme Pursuing Character Expression through Monster Action.  THE ACCESSORY SET contains G FORCE SUPER WEAPONS! This set is made of of THREE JET FIGHTERS, THREE SUPER JET FIGHTERS, FIVE “MAZER” CANNONS, FIVE DOUBLE BARRELED TANKS, A MISSILE LAUNCHER (WITH MISSILES), THE SUPER X II FLYING WEAPON WITH FREEZE CANNON AND THE BRIGHT RED “FIRE” BREATH TO BE ADDED TO THE GODZILLA!  ALL OF THE FLYING WEAPONS COME WITH STANDS!  THE SUPER X II CAN EVEN BE POSED WITH THE FRONT OPEN READY TO FIRE!  This accessory set goes with the Godzilla 1994  SCULPTED BY YUJI SAKAI! THE SUPER X II IS APPROX. 2 INCHES LONG AND ALL OF THE OTHER SUPER WEAPONS ARE APPROX. 1 INCH LONG.  This wonderful mini toy set will make an amazing display with the S.H. MONSTER ARTS GODZILLA 1994!  COMES MINT IN BOX.

CLAWMARK TOYS WARNING: Not suitable for very young children due to VERY small parts. 


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