Tokyo SOS Limited Edition Toy Dream Project 50th Anniversay Set w/Peanuts


This beautiful LIMITED Edition set was produced by Bandai for the movie Godzilla Mothra Mechagodzilla Tokyo SOS. It is a hard to find collector’s item that contains a standard sized (8 ½ inch) MechaGodzilla 2004 with BATTLE DAMAGED EYE, a standard sized (8 ½ inch) Godzilla with beautiful ICE BLUE FINS and a highly detailed set of “peanuts” (twin mothra faries) standing approximately 4 inches tall. The PEANUTS are made by “Licca fashion doll”. They are highly detailed vinyl with cloth outfits. (The twin fairies have chains attached to use as KEYCHAINS).  The set comes MINT in a MINT colorful COLLECTORS BOX.

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Weight 9.00 lbs