Toy Dream Project Godzilla Titanosaurus Limited Edition Mint Box


This AMAZING Limited Box Set from the Toy Dreams Project produced by Bandai in 2006 contains a Godzilla 1975 figure and a 1975 Titanosaurus figure!!

This set is now RARE. These are re-paints of sculpts that were issued in limited quantities a few years ago. The Titanosaurus paint job is the closest ever to catching the coloration of the original Titanosaurus suit. Titano has an amazing tail!! The Godzilla has bright silver fins and silver highlights on the body. HE LOOKS FIGHTING MAD!! The vinyl Godzilla figure stands approx. 6 inches tall and the vinyl Titanosaurus stands approx 7 inches tall. Articulated at the arms, legs, neck and tail!

Each figure has an attached hang tag. These MINT CONDITION FIGURES come in colorful NEAR MINT CONDITION BOX.


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Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 6 in