Godzilla Final Wars Continous Calendar Diorama 2004


This is the GODZILLA FINAL WARS “CONTINUOUS” CALENDAR DIORAMA!  What a unique Godzilla item! The Diorama is of Godzilla standing by (part way in) the Toho Office Building.  The Godzilla is a 1954 version and stands approx. 5 inches tall. Made of cast resin, this diorama is a resting place for the “cubes” that represent, day, month and year. The Months, and years are written in Romanji and the day of the week is in KANJI. This is a THEATER EXCLUSIVE ITEM that was only available for sale in certain Japanese movie theaters that were showing GODZILLA FINAL WARS in 2004. This would make a great additional to any collection or it is functional on top of a desk! This Diorama Calendar comes MINT IN BOX.

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Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 in