Ultimate Godzilla Collection Gigan 2005 Hyper Figure


This is the GIGAN 2005 from the ULTIMATE GODZILLA COLLECTION by Bandai Co. of Japan. This GIGAN 2005 was featured in the exciting Toho Movie “GODZILLA FINAL WARS”!!  This is the  most detailed Hyper type figure we have ever seen.

The figures are made of HEAVY Solid vinyl. VERY HEAVY!! The coloration as well as the sculpts are IMPRESSIVE!!  These figures are NOT ARTICULATED! Gigan 2005  stands approx. 5 1/2  inches tall and is approx. 7 inches long. Each figure comes in pieces sealed in bags. You have to snap each figure together. AMAZING SCULPTS and HARD TO FIND MONSTERS. SUCH A DEAL! These figures comes in “Blind” boxes that we have to open at the bottom to insure you get correct figure.



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Weight 1.50 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5.5 in