SD Godzilla 4 Mini Figure Box Set Part 1 Yutaka 1993 in Box


SUPER DEFORMED BOX SET # 1!!!   Here is a VERY HARD to FIND item in Excellent Condition produced by Yutaka Company over 18 years ago in 1993.  This is Part 1 which contains SD (super deformed) figures of the original style Godzilla, King Ghidora, Mothra Larva and Mothra. Super Deformed is a style very popular in Japan where the figures are compressed together giving them a sort of dwarfish look.

The figures are made in very sturdy hard vinyl and beautifully painted. They have a nice gloss finish. THE SET COMES WITH A DISPLAY BACKGROUND CARD THAT SHOWS THE FORBIDDING LANDSCAPE OF MONSTER ISLAND!  The Godzilla is about 1 1/2 inches tall, the King Ghidora is about 2 inches tall, the Mothra larva is about 2 inches long and the Mothra has a wingspan of 3 1/4 inches. The box is in EXCELLENT condition for its age. Actually, it is almost Near Mint Condition.

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