Godzilla Lollipop Unique Rare Handcrafted Japanese Candy Sculpture Amezaiku


If you want something Godzilla that no one else has then this beautiful one of a kind handcrafted Japanese Candy Sculpture of Godzilla is for you! Clawmark Toys commissioned Amezaiku Yoshihara to make this amazing Godzilla lollipop exclusively for us. Watching this ancient craft of Japan in person is quite a treat. A combination of various ingredients secret to each craftsperson are heated to a gooey consistency and colored with natural colors to produce all the different tones used for whatever sculpture is going to be produced; everything from birds to bugs, flowers to fanciful beasts like the King of the Monsters! This lollipop stands about 3 1/2 inches high and is on a wooden stick about a foot long. The detail is quite incredible for candy. After the craftperson has the main form completed then natural vegetable paint that is edible is used to put the details such as eyes and teeth on the body to finish it with a flourish. Godzilla is green with translucent green tinged fins and stands on a gray candy base.

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