Guilala The X from Outerspace Mini poster Chirashi


Guilala STOMPS the G-8 SUMMIT!!! Clawmark Toys gives top kudos to the massive claws on the foot of the X from Outer Space-Guilala Returns! That loveable Monster X from 1967 has been brought back in Guilala Stikes Back/G8 Summit Attack! The 2008 movie by Shochiku Company the same Producers of the 1967 movie was written and directed by Minoru Kawaski. He is an independent director with a definite taste for comedy.

Here is the Chirashi or MINI  POSTER depicting chaos on the ground and in the air as Guilala terrorizes Japan again! The dimensions of this mini poster are approximately 8 by 10 inches. (remember this is a Japanese poster which is metric system) There are photos on both sides of the chirashi.  The mini posters are in new condition and will be rolled when mailed. Without giving out too much of the movie story, we can say that it brings a new twist to the Daikaiju Genre. Guilala attacks during the  G-8 Summit  and the world leaders respond with methods for combat that reflect their cultural  beliefs. Kawasaki handles this with hilarious satire.  A must have for ALL KAIJU MOVIE LOVERS!

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