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Godzilla 1968 Figure 50th Anniversary Memorial Box 2004


GODZILLA 1968! From the 2004 50th Anniversary Memorial Box set, this wonderful figure represents Godzilla from the exciting Toho Movie Destroy All Monsters. Standing 6 inches tall, it is articulated at the arms and legs.  He is a mean green gray color just like in the film. Originally he was part of a set of 20 different Godzilla figures that came with 20 different Godzilla cards (one for each of the figures).

This figure is rather difficult to find even in Tokyo. Many of the Japanese collectors bought up the sets and are not letting go of them. The single figures usually appear because some of the smaller toy stores broke up the sets to sell the figures separately.  We came across this figure in a small collectors shop in Tokyo. This figure is in Near Mint Condition but does not come with original unattached card.


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Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 6 in