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Grand King Ghidorah Figure 1998 Ghidora Mothra 3 Bandai Mint in Box


GRAND GHIDORAH! This is one of the most impressive soft vinyl King Ghidorah figures ever made!  It is now also VERY HARD to FIND especially in its original box. The “GRAND GHIDORAH” stands approximately 12 inches tall and has a wing span of 15 inches! It was produced by the Bandai Co. of Japan in 1998 for the release of the movie “Mothra 3”. This is the Magnificent Ghidora that Cretaceous Ghidorah transformed into in the movie!

The figure requires snapping together which is made easier by heating the vinyl with a hairdryer before insertion. THIS IS A VERY HARD TO FIND FIGURE EVEN IN TOKYO! Comes in MINT condition in colorful original MINT to Near Mint condition box! This is a large very GRAND figure with a Large Box.


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Weight 6.00 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 in