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Jiras Jirass Figure Bandai Godzilla in Disguise with SP Tag


This is the HARD TO FIND soft vinyl JIRASS figure issued in 1998 (with tag). Jirass is really GODZILLA IN DISGUISE! In 1966 Eji Tsurabaya (the special effects wizard that did all the early Godzilla films) needed a new monster for his TV Series “Ultra Q”. He had an old Godzilla suit in a back room and decided to put a “NECK THINGY” on the suit, give him a new paint job and call him JIRASS.

This highly detailed and fully articulated figure stands approx. 6 1/2 inches tall. Originally sculpted and produced in small numbers in 1995, Bandai re-issued the figure again in 1998. The figure in darker green came with a tag and is numbered “0 SP.” Jirass is hard to find even in Japan! This figure is in MINT condition with an NEAR MINT condition attached tag.

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Dimensions 6.5 in